The GD Goenka Junior wing has been established to cater to the rising demand for quality education in Agra. The School has a proactive approach to education and its foundations are based on the philosophy that quality education requires consistent efforts and new directions in the area of teaching and learning.



What our Happy Parents Say

  • My daughter is studying in GD Goenka from 1 year, I think it’s a perfect place to develop child’s overall personality, teachers are courteous and give individual attention to development of every child.
    Shweta Pilania
    Vanya Pilania’s Mother
  • I admitted my son in Nursery at the GDGPS. I’ve seen the school give equal importance to academics and co-curricular activities and I see a marked improvement in my son’s overall development. I’m a very satisfied parent!
    Sudhir Singh Pal
    Aryan Pal’s Father
  • My kid has joined GD Goenka Public School. I’m quite happy with the school. The best part I like is that sections are made according to age groups. So a March born child will have classmates around the same age facilitating better learning that way. His teachers in class are wonderful – caring and approachable. I like their teaching method, they blend theory & practical. Academics have been well balanced with co-curricular.
    Anshul Gupta
    Kaviansh's Father
  • अध्यापिका बहुत सहयोग करती है। पढाई के साथ साथ एक्टिविटी भी होती है। समय समय पर पी टी एम होती है। कुल मिलाकर सब कुछ उत्तम है।
    Dolly Pachauri
    Shreyasi Pachauri’s Mother

Specialty about the School


We at Junior Wing believe that the school is a place where your child can explore, play with peers and build self-confidence. At this level “interaction” is the key approach for the little ones. This facilitates the early development and child linguistics, numerical motor & communication skills.

At Junior Goenka the curriculum is activity centered where the teachers are loving and caring and implement an eclectic blend of Montessori & traditional teaching. The classrooms have been specially designed and are bright and cheerful in look The little ones are also taken to splash pool for swimming under expert guidance. Educational toys are used to ensure correct concept formation.

We also have specialized digital classrooms which makes teaching & learning both interesting as well as easy. We believe that the child should be given an atmosphere where they develop a positive attitude and approach towards life.

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